Life Groups

Don’t do life alone.

 Meeting Times & Location

When and Where:
We have several different groups and each group has a different location. We will launch our new semester of Life Groups on March 12, 2023. Please contact our Life Group director, Allen Jerkins, for more information.

Why should I join a Life Group?

Life Groups are important because as our church grows, our Life Groups give people a place to connect. The Scripture says a 3-fold cord is not quickly broken. It is vital for us as Christians to connect with other believers. Don’t do life alone!

Allen and Kim Jerkins

Allen and Kim Jerkins

Life Group Director

Allen and Kim Jerkins serve as our Life Group directors. They have a passion for ChristWay Church and for seeing people of all ages connect to one another. If you have any questions concerning our Life Group ministry, please contact Allen at! Remember, don’t do life alone!

Spring 2023 Life Groups

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