God Wants To See
You Connected

Find your purpose and discover what true freedom feels like through real relationships at ChristWay.

Sundays at 10:30

Join us at ChristWay
and find:

  • Relationships that will lift you up when you’re down.
  • The freedom that comes when you discover your true purpose.
  • A community that will be honest with you and challenges you to be better.

Get Connected to People


Age-appropriate fun and learning to discover their purpose.


Being a teenager is hard, we help them figure what life is about in a captivating and relatable way.

Life Groups

Connect with others just like you and work out your faith in an engaging environment.

Some Of The People You’ll Connect With…


We came to ChristWay just to “visit” while we looked for a church closer to home, as we live 30 minutes away.  The choir was singing, and you could feel such a special presence of the Lord!  That was 16 1/2 years ago and we’re still here!

Robbie S.

I came to ChristWay with my girlfriend, and now wife, a few years ago and after visiting one time I instantly felt an expression of God’s presence and love. The relationships and bonds with the people of the church have helped me grow in my walk with God, and I’m thankful to be in a church environment that feels like home.

Andrew K.

I love ChristWay Church of God! The Word of God is delivered without compromise. The choir and band help bring us into a place of worship beautifully.

Sandy L.

Meet Pastor Donnie


If I were looking for a church, I would want to know about the person leading the church. So, what’s my passion?

My passion is simple and can be found within the vision statement of our church – I want to see people connected! 

I want to see people connected to Jesus, and fulfilling Christ’s desire for them to abide in Him, and He abide in them. 

I want to see people connect to the power of God, the power of The Holy Spirit, and the power of God’s Word. 

I want to see people connect to other people. Life is too tough to do alone. Jesus challenged us to bear one another’s burdens and at ChristWay Church we desire to give people an opportunity and a platform to connect to the family of God.

So, if you happen to join us here at ChristWay, come introduce yourself to me and get connected!


july, 2024

Get Connected.

Get connected to purpose, power, and people.