To reach our families, our community, and our region for Christ, and to develop and equip individuals into becoming true worshipers and exemplary representatives of Jesus Christ.


Trusting in Salvation through God's Son and in the Authority of God's Word, as the only life-changing truth

Loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength

Loving each other as much as we love ourselves

Living and Praying in the power and leading of God's Spirit

Shepherding individuals and families toward maturity in Jesus Christ

Sharing the life-changing truth of the gospel that is founded in forgiveness.

Giving our resources – Time, Talent, Treasure.

Dedicating ourselves to Christ-like quality.


Living, Giving, and Forgiving Christ’s Way
We believe that Christ restores, renews, heals, and changes lives.  As Christians, we are on a lifelong journey of trying to be like Christ, and while we are on this journey we are commissioned to offer New Life to people who need to find, love, acceptance, and forgiveness.
We believe that all of our gifts and resources come from God and belong to Him.  However, we are to be good stewards and, therefore, we are committed to giving wisely and generously of our time, talent, and treasures to expand the Kingdom of God. 
We believe in God’s commandment to forgive.  People are important because they are important to God and created in His image.  We believe that our love for God will be demonstrated through our love for people.