In 1935 in the North Birmingham community, a group of people got together to hold a prayer meeting. This was the beginning of ChristWay Church. Just months later the church was organized in the home of Mr. Morgan Smith by Rev. Eugene Thomas with a membership of 14.

In 1936, Rev. C.M. Day built the first church building on Fairmont Hill in North Birmingham. The church worshiped in this building until 1945 when Rev. C.C. Dunnevant moved the church to 27th Street and 32nd Avenue North.

Rev. Frank Johnson held tent revival meetings on the property located on 35th Street North with great success. A new church facility would later be built on this site in 1947. The church was dedicated in 1948 by State Overseer, J.T. Roberts with 36 in attendance for this service. The total membership was 41.

In 1953 a parsonage was built by the Pastor, Rev. J.T. Peoples. Later in 1957, Rev. A.N. Lee purchased an annex building, air conditioned and carpeted the church.

In 1966, Pastor E.A. Ballenger remodeled the interior of the church, parsonage and annex.           

In March of 1977, the District Pastor, Rev. C.Y. Bussey met with the congregation to discuss the possibility of closing the North Birmingham Church. The congregation, under the leadership of Pastor R.O. Eubanks, voted to continue to meet as a church and purchase property in Gardendale.

The property was secured and Rev. F.R. Bryant was appointed Pastor in September 1977. The building located at 801 Tarrant Road was erected by the people of the church. The name was changed to Lynnwood Church of God in August 1978. The church began meeting in the Fultondale Public Library and later would move to the Roger’s Vocational School while construction was being completed on the new facility.

On September 23, 1979 the new building was dedicated.

Rev. Lee Brasher would serve as Pastor for four years, starting in 1983

Rev. F.R. Bryant returned as Pastor in March 1987 and has continued to serve this congregation faithfully to the present.

In 1988, growth of the congregation caused the church to need additional space. An additional 2100 square feet was added to the Lynnwood facility.

By 1996, it had become clear that the current facility would not be adequate for the growth potential of the church. Over the next four years, Pastor Bryant led the congregation to purchase over five acres of property in the heart of Gardendale.

Then in 2001, Pastor Bryant shared his vision with the congregation to build a new facility on the property that had been acquired.  The congregation of approximately 180 took on the new challenge with great fervor. Construction began in September of 2002.

In June of 2003, the congregation moved to the new site, originally only consisting of the life center and daycare building.  With the transition to the new campus, the church also took on a new name: ChristWay.

Expansion of the facility was originally planned to take place in five years.  However, due to growth the next phase of construction would begin after only two years.

On November 13, 2005 ChristWay Church took a colossal step of faith when ground was broke for the new sanctuary and commons that would adjoin the existing life center and daycare facilities.

To date, ChristWay Church has maintained a steady path of growth in all areas of ministry.  Today the church has many outreach ministries along with several small groups.  A thriving children’s and student ministry is well established.  The music department has surged in number and leads the congregation in worship each Sunday as well as produces seasonal music programs that are enjoyed by people from all over the region surrounding the church. There is active ministry to young adults as well as senior adults.  Every member of the family can receive ministry through this local church.

The Story of ChristWay