Lift up the name of Jesus Christ
Inspire worship and praise
Lead God’s army into victorious battle
Lead God’s people into the Holy of Holies
Be a living testimony of the amazing grace of Jesus Christ

Keith & Debbie Lairsey
Worship Pastor

ChristWay Music and Fine Arts is comprised of individuals united to offer a sacrifice of praise through the ministry of Music. Believing that only our finest gifts should be offered in worship, the choir and band strive for musical excellence through a weekly musical and spiritual preparation. The choir and band offer a place for musically talented adults in the ChristWay family who are willing to offer their time and talent in service to the Lord and to participate in the act of worship. 

“To lead in worship, we must first worship.”
Music is more than a song; it is the foundation of worship unto GOD. Worship is more than a thought or phrase; it is the very essence of communication with GOD. A church is much more than a place to visit on Sunday; it is the dwelling place of Jehovah GOD. The Word shows us that we are His temple. Our Heavenly Father has chosen to make His holy abode within each one of us, and therefore, we are the Church! Thus, we, as the singers and musicians of this local church, have an awesome responsibility. We are more than just a choir – we are worship leaders. The expressions on our faces and the enthusiasm we show will inspire the congregation to begin praising GOD and to enter into worship. When the body begins to worship in one accord, the Lord, can move in a mighty way, often manifesting Himself in salvation, healing, and deliverance.